The Veritas Prep Charter School early-college high school was launched in 2022 and is located at 225 Carando Drive in Springfield. Since its founding, Veritas Prep has continued to provide a high-quality education that fosters scholars’ social/emotional, and academic success. Our high school structure and rigorous curriculum are designed to help our scholars graduate ready to succeed at college or in a career. Learn more about our mission, vision, and values.


Our high school program creates the opportunity for scholars to meet essential high school graduation requirements while earning college credits toward useful degrees. Our students can complete 30 or more college credits for free, potentially completing two full years of college and even earning an associate degree by high school graduation. Scholars have multiple areas of study to choose from that cover a wide range of high-impact careers including health sciences, engineering, education, and more. To review the high school Program of Studies, follow the links below.

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A Day in the Life of High School Student

Sample schedule:

7:50–8:00 a.m. — ARRIVAL

Students gather in the cafeteria for breakfast and hear the morning announcements over the loudspeaker. 

8:00–9:15 a.m. — GEOMETRY

In this class, students build up to formal proofs through a cycle of conjecture, rough draft, peer feedback, and final narratives. Students use transformation-based definitions of congruence and similarity to rigorously prove the triangle congruence and similarity theorems. They apply these theorems to prove results about quadrilaterals, isosceles triangles, and other figures. Students analyze relationships between segments and angles in circles and develop the concept of radian measure for angles. To prepare them for the rigors of post-secondary coursework, students engage in the full mathematical modeling cycle throughout the year.


During this period, students receive individualized supports and tiered interventions that allow them to succeed in their other classes. Some days, this includes using innovative mathematics programs like ALEKS, while others days support students as they hone their literary abilities with programs like HD Word.

10:06–11:21 a.m. — HISTORY

In this comprehensive US history course, students dive deeply into case studies of pivotal times, people, and events covering the US 1 and US 2 time periods. Students analyze those case studies in context and build understanding of their role in time and over time, constructing a full picture of the United States from native cultures and early contact with Europeans through the Civil War, reconstruction, and into modern times.

11:24 a.m.–12:09 p.m. — SEMINAR AND STRUCTURED STUDY

In small groups, students work with an advisor to develop the social/emotional, executive functioning, and metacognitive skills critical to their success. This is also the time during which students can prepare for upcoming assessments, collaborate on group work, and seek assistance from their teachers.

Student receiving help from teacher

12:09–12:44 p.m. — LUNCH

Students enjoy their food and socialize with their peers.

12:47–2:02 p.m. — SPANISH 101 (Worcester State University)

Their first time taking Spanish and a college course, students have the unique opportunity to learn from a WSU Spanish professor while receiving the support from our high school Spanish teacher who attends all classes with them. Later in the week, the high school teacher works with students on their assignments to ensure that students grasp the concepts taught in class.

2:05–3:20 p.m. — BIOLOGY

This phenomena-based biology course explores everything from the chemistry of life to the ecosystems that sustain a global food market. Through simulations and investigations that explore human biology, students work to answer the fundamental questions “what is life?” and “how is life sustained?” As students deepen their understanding of life in all its forms and connections, they also practice the science and engineering practices used by scientists and engineers in the field.

3:20–3:30 p.m. — DISMISSAL

After a day of working hard, students are dismissed. Many decide to stay after to participate in sports, clubs, and other activities thanks to the selfless dedication of our teachers.

Download a copy of the VPCS High School Calendar.

High School Sports and Extracurriculars

High school extracurriculars:

  • School Publications
  • Sports Club
  • Wellness Club
  • Art Club
  • Student Union
  • Queer Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Tech Club

High school sports:

  • Cross-Country, Troy El, Head Coach
  • Basketball, Cordell Catwell, Head Coach; Troy El, Assistant Coach
  • Volleyball, Nannette Bowie, Head Coach; Keith Dube, Assistant Coach

Meet Our Athletic Director

Alyssa Dube joined Veritas Prep Middle School as the physical education/fitness teacher in 2014, and now serves as the PE teacher at the high school and as athletic director for grades 5 through 12.

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Nurses’ Corner

Maggie Panetti

Maggie Panetti joined the team as our Founding School Nurse at the Veritas Prep high school in the fall of 2022. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and brings a wealth of clinical and school-based nursing experience.

Support Us

Learn about the many ways you can support Veritas Prep and our students, from donations, to being a career speaker, to hosting an intern.