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Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)

Who is SEPAC?

SEPAC is all of us! 

If you are an interested party, be it parent, family member, community member, elected official, educator, professional, and you are an adult and attend a SEPAC meeting, you are a SEPAC Member.

By statute, members of SEPAC are parents of children with disabilities and interested parties, who have a student at Veritas Prep charter school. SEPAC Members may join SEPAC meetings, participate, ask questions, and assist with the roles of SEPAC.

There is another level of SEPAC membership which is the governing body of our SEPAC, called the SEPAC Board. The Board is made up of Officers and Directors. Board Officers and Directors are elected and have specific roles. Essentially, the Board is responsible for making sure the charge of the SEPAC is being fulfilled. If you would like to learn more, please join us at our next meeting.

What is SEPAC?

The VPCS SEPAC is the Veritas Prep Charter School Special Education Parent Advisory Council. In Massachusetts, a SEPAC is a body that has been established by the Massachusetts State Legislature and is governed by both state statute and state regulation. 

By law, the role of SEPAC is to advise the school administration, without limitation, on the education and safety of students with disabilities.  SEPAC is to meet regularly with these parties to participate in advisory feedback, along with the planning, development, and evaluation of the District’s programs and policies related to students with disabilities. 

Thus, the foundational role of a SEPAC is to work in partnership with the school on matters of special education. SEPAC does not have enforcement or legislative powers, instead it operates by providing guidance, suggestions, feedback, and is to be a consulted sounding board in the decision making process. 

As supplemental role,  SEPAC also focuses on:

  • Facilitating communication between families and the school administration.
  • Encouraging understanding, acceptance, and inclusion within Veritas Prep of students with disabilities, and
  • Advancing learning and awareness for families, educators, and professionals of best practices for the education and safety of students with disabilities.

Important Notices for Parents

Special Education Notice of Rights

Parent Notice of Procedural Safeguards

Aviso de las Salvaguardias del Procedimiento para los padres

SEPAC Meeting Agendas

SEPAC Meeting Agenda - December 7, 2022


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