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Mission, Vision, and Values

The Mission

to prepare students in grades 5-8 to compete, achieve, and succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

Our Vision

We will inspire all Veritas scholars to become changemakers who are equipped to choose their path, challenge inequity, and transform the world.

Veritas Prep Values

Support Every Scholar

We know every child can achieve amazing things, and scholars are at the center of everything we do and every decision we make. We listen to and value their perspectives, highlight their strengths, support them through challenges, and help them build both academic and social-emotional skills.

Grow Together

We foster a culture of collaboration, where we teach, learn, and grow together alongside our students and families. Through coaching, feedback, professional development, and authentic conversations, we become better educators, coworkers, and people. 

Build Community

We regularly celebrate the successes of our students, teachers, staff, and families, creating a joyful school community where everyone feels valued and loved. We partner with and listen to families and the community to ensure that all voices contribute to the education of our scholars and that our practices meet the diverse needs of those we serve.

Be Anti-Racist

We push for equity, diversity, and inclusion daily. We strive to understand and challenge the history of systemic oppression and racism that exists in education and in the world, to build our knowledge and challenge our biases and beliefs, and to continue on a path to becoming an anti-racist organization by embracing anti-racist principles.

Achieve Amazing Results

We ensure our students learn, grow, and succeed by delivering rigorous, relevant, and effective instruction, opportunities, and supports that lead to students’ academic success and amazing results.

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