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Annual Reports

Veritas Prep Annual Report 2021

Veritas Prep Annual Report 2021

Veritas Prep Annual Report 2020

Veritas Prep Annual Report 2020


Veritas Prep Annual Report 2019

Once again Veritas Prep Charter School scholars realized the ideal: high growth and high achievement. Our students are once again proving what is possible with hard work and determination. We are so pleased to have expanded our impact last year to serve scholars at the new Veritas Prep Holyoke, a Holyoke Public School, that serves…

In The News – Springfield-area public charter schools to hold enrollment showcase on Feb. 7

SPRINGFIELD – Nine public charter schools in Greater Springfield will host the first annual enrollment showcase on Saturday, Feb. 7 from 9 a.m. to noon at the MassMutual Center in Springfield… READ FULL STORY

The Republican Editorials – Veritas Prep Charter School proves poverty is no barrier to learning

Veritas Prep Charter School, a public charter school serving 243 Springfield students, is outperforming statewide school averages — as well as traditional public schools in Springfield and other urban centers — in MCAS results just two years after it opened. That’s very encouraging, not only for Veritas students, but for schools everywhere that serve predominantly… – VeritasPrep Charter School students excel on MCAS tests 2 years in a row

SPRINGFIELD — Rachel Romano, founder and executive director of Veritas Prep Charter School, believes the secret to mastering the MCAS test — or any other scholarly goal, for that matter — is a relentless commitment to achievement, on the part of both teachers and students… READ FULL STORY

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